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Unlock and Release Your Super Power

Hello and welcome,

I'm Frank, the heart and soul behind Frank's Executive Coaching. As a gifted coach with years of experience. I've had the privilege of wearing many hats - from owning multiple businesses to guiding individuals on their personal and professional journeys. My qualifications aren't just academic; they’re carved from real-life trials, successes, and continuous learning.

Meet The Coach


Frank ORJI

Coach | Author | Speaker

I am known for my intuitive coaching style, I transcends traditional methodologies, offering a transformative journey that resonates both personally and professionally. With me, coaching isn’t just guidance; it's a holistic partnership aimed at unveiling your innate greatness.

Experienced in:

- Executive & Management Coaching

- Life coaching

- Mentorship Coaching

- Group Coaching 

- Business Coaching


- University of Cape Town (UCT) Executive & Management Coaching

- BA Social Science (Psychology & Counseling)


- Coaches and Mentors South Africa (COMENSA) - Member

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